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Edenhorde ICO: Journey into a World of 8,800 NFTs

Edenhorde ICO: Journey into a World of 8,800 NFTs

Edenhorde ICO: Journey into a World of 8,800 NFTs

Quick Overview

  • Edenhorde Universe: A dynamic media franchise by Merit Circle featuring 8,800 NFTs, fostering a community-driven narrative.
  • Unique Tribes: Four distinct tribes—Larriks, Gadrians, Babbumatta, and Oru—each with unique characteristics and philosophies.
  • Living Manifesto: Details the vision of creating a shared Web3 world inspired by iconic franchises, updated regularly.
  • Narrative Arc: Eight episodes blending various media forms, starting with Allafred’s underwater discovery.
  • Eclipse Card Game: Expands on the lore without requiring NFT ownership, broadening accessibility and engagement.

Welcome to the whimsical and expansive universe of Edenhorde, a vibrant media franchise by Merit Circle, beautifully encapsulated within 8,800 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Here, creativity knows no bounds, and the community drives the narrative, crafting a shared intellectual property that is as dynamic as it is inclusive.

Edenhorde: Innovating in Web3 with NFTs

Edenhorde ICO represents an innovative venture into the Web3 space, combining collective worldbuilding with the tangibility of NFTs. The token sale is coming soon, and it promises to be a significant event. The team will base the tokens on the ERC20 standard, thus ensuring compatibility and security.

Meet the Tribes of Edenhorde

The world of Edenhorde is populated by four unique tribes, each bringing their own flavour and culture to the narrative:

The Larriks

A humanoid nomadic tribe of hunters and craftsmen, the Larriks, numbering 2,640, are pragmatic and resourceful. Their philosophy, encapsulated in the quote, “Only a fool buys what he can find,” speaks to their self-sufficient nature and resourcefulness.

The Gadrians

Inhabiting the walled city of Gadira, the 2,464-strong Gadrians are a reptilian race that values power and security. Moreover, their maxim, “Power has value, but it does not feed a family,” reflects their balanced approach to life. After all, they prioritize both strength and sustenance.

The Babbumatta

This peaceful tribe, with a population of 2,816, resembles the flora they live amongst. The Babbumatta embody harmony with nature, with their guiding principle, “From the earth we rise, to it we wither,” highlighting their deep connection to the natural world.

The Oru

A monastic tribe of 880 robots, the Oru are enigmatic and revered. Their statement, “Celebrate their gift, fear their strength,” suggests a blend of admiration and caution towards their capabilities and purpose.

The Living Manifesto

Edenhorde’s Manifesto is a living document detailing the project’s vision and methodology. Moreover, it lays out the plan for creating a world within the Web3 space, where ownership is shared through NFTs. Drawing inspiration from iconic franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Pokémon, and Star Wars, Edenhorde is limited to 8,800 NFTs, each playing a role in an interactive narrative arc. NFT owners benefit financially from the project’s success and hold commercial rights, fostering a true sense of ownership and engagement.

Eclipse: The Upcoming Card Game

8-Episode Arc: Edenhorde’s Compelling Storyline

Crafted by Celia Blyth with illustrations by Andy Ristaino, Edenhorde’s narrative arc spans eight captivating episodes, blending text, music, art, and interactive elements. Furthermore, the first episode introduces us to Allafred, whose life takes a dramatic turn upon discovering a mysterious object at the ocean’s bottom. The adventure continues in the second episode as Allafred uncovers the object’s significance through his explorations outside Gadira.

Edenhorde Ownership: Perks and Community Engagement

Edenhorde is not just about owning NFTs; it’s about being part of a thriving community. Moreover, owners gain access to the narrative arc, the Eclipse card game, and various partnership opportunities within the Merit Circle ecosystem. Community-building is a core aspect, supported by platforms like Discord and Twitter, where the Guardian System facilitates direct communication between tribe representatives and the Edenhorde team.

The Project’s Multimedium Storytelling Approach

In addition, Edenhorde’s storytelling is not confined to any single medium. It spans augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), audio, digital formats, and tangible experiences, thus ensuring that every interaction is immersive and multifaceted.

Synergy with Merit Circle Enhances Edenhorde ICO

Edenhorde is intricately woven into the fabric of Merit Circle, benefiting from a shared pool of talent and opportunities within the DAO and its partner network. Besides, this collaboration enhances the project’s reach and impact, fostering innovation and growth.

Furthermore, Edenhorde employs a dynamic “Action Zone” instead of a traditional roadmap, highlighting live, upcoming, and early-stage items. This approach also ensures flexibility and responsiveness, allowing the project to adapt and evolve in real time.

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