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Shiba’s Exchange Balances Drop: 6 Trillion SHIB Withdrawn


Shiba’s Exchange Balances Drop: 6 Trillion SHIB Withdrawn

  • Exchange Balance Drop: SHIB tokens on exchanges decreased from 146.67 to 140.66 trillion, potentially easing selling pressure.
  • Market Value Decline: Despite the reduced exchange balance, SHIB’s value fell by 25.34% over 30 days amidst broader market downtrends.
  • Inflow vs. Outflow: Higher token outflows than inflows suggest diminishing selling pressure, which could stabilize or boost SHIB’s price.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) token has been experiencing significant shifts in its exchange balances, with data suggesting a steady decrease in tokens held on exchanges since late March. This article delves into the implications of these movements and explores potential future trends for this popular cryptocurrency.

Shiba Loses 25.34% Despite 6 Trillion Token Exchange Withdrawal

The total balance of SHIB on exchanges was 146.67 trillion tokens at the end of March. Recent figures show a decrease to 140.66 trillion, indicating that approximately 6 trillion SHIB was withdrawn from exchanges. Normally, such withdrawals could alleviate selling pressure by reducing the availability of tokens for quick sale, potentially supporting a price increase. However, despite this decrease in exchange balance, SHIB has lost 25.34% of its value over the past 30 days. This reflects a broader downtrend in the market.

This trend raises questions about the effectiveness of token withdrawals in curbing price declines, especially in a market that has experienced widespread losses. Nevertheless, analysts suggest that if the trend of decreasing exchange balances continues, there might be a window for recovery in the Shiba Inu price. However, this potential recovery is contingent on broader market sentiment becoming bullish in the coming weeks.

Inflow and Outflow Dynamics: Indicators of Selling Pressure

A critical aspect of understanding market dynamics is examining the inflow and outflow of tokens on exchanges. The exchange inflow for SHIB was 200.27 million tokens, while the outflow was significantly higher at 683.91 million. This disparity indicates that the selling pressure on SHIB could decrease; more tokens are being withdrawn from exchanges than are being deposited. This dynamic is crucial for traders to monitor. Consequently, a continued trend in this direction could signal potential stabilization or an increase in SHIB’s price.

Market Context and External Factors

The cryptocurrency market, including SHIB, has been influenced by several external factors. The global crypto market cap dropped by 4.8% over the last 24 hours to $2.2 trillion. Moreover, Shiba Inu itself has seen a decline of 7.53% in the past day and 18.9% over the week. These movements coincide with broader economic events. For example, the less-than-stellar launch of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong registered a disappointing $12 million in daily volume on their first day. This event was highly anticipated and expected to impact the market positively. Consequently, this adds to investors’ current sentiment of uncertainty and caution.

While the decrease in SHIB tokens on exchanges could traditionally signal a potential for price recovery, the actual market response may depend heavily on broader economic factors and market sentiment. Investors and traders should monitor inflow and outflow trends closely, along with global market conditions, to better predict future movements.

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